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Dave Zuleger

Dave Zuleger

Lead Pastor, South

Email | 612-746-2650 x651

Dave is our Lead Pastor at our South Campus. He is married to Kelly (2007), and together they have three children: Iris (2010), Stone (2013), Apollos (2016), and Quinn (2018).

Dave has a Master of Divinity from Bethlehem College & Seminary (May 2014). 

Dave writes of his conversion ...

I'm not completely sure at what point I received Christ. It's possible that I received him as young as age 5 and simply had an immature and inconsistent walk for much of my life. I had moments of what seemed to be true conviction and passion and joy, but they were not consistent, even though I was raised in a Christian home.

The major point of change came toward the end of my sophomore year in college. I was caught up, off and on, in sinful behaviors and had finally come to the end of my pleasure in those things. They had let me down. I remember opening up my Bible one night and beginning to read the book of Romans. Every word and verse lit up. I just kept reading and realizing the depth and breadth of the person and work of Christ for me, a wicked sinner. By God’s mercy, much sin quickly became “strangely dim” in light of the glory and grace of Christ in that moment.

Soon after that, I began attending this church called Bethlehem Baptist because someone told me the pastor there took the Bible very seriously. I sat under Pastor John Piper and fell in love with the word of God that pointed to the glory of God in the face of Christ.

I haven't stopped reading the Bible since that moment. In that same season of life, I spent many hours with my father-in-law, Tim Sir, who has been a faithful pastor for 25 years in Iowa. He patiently helped shape my theology from the word of God and gave me opportunities to preach as I grew in my knowledge and calling to ministry. Seeing a man minister to others through the Word from the pulpit and live the Word in his life as a pastor made the call to pastoral ministry very compelling to me.

If I had to describe my current walk with Jesus in one word, I would choose "dependent."

Through the trials of pastoral ministry and the trials of a wife who lives in chronic pain, I have learned that I am not sufficient and that I cannot rely on my own strength for anything of eternal value. I find myself soaking in the word in the morning to hear from my Father and eager to lean in to my relationship with Christ in the Spirit in prayer. I love being with Jesus through the word and prayer (Hebrews 4:11–16, Ephesians 6:18–20) and trying to lead my family there—making him the air we breathe in our home so that in my own life and in the life of our family and our church, people might say that we've “been with Jesus" (Acts 4:13) so that God is glorified in the short lives we have here on earth.