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Our vision is to value and display the supremacy of God in disability and suffering. God can and does use disability to bring glory to his name. Perhaps the best-known example of this is the man born blind whom Jesus healed. Christ said the man was not blind because of sin, “but that the works of God might be displayed in him” (John 9:1–3).

Our mission is to support and encourage the inclusion of people with disabilities and special needs in the life and work of the church while cultivating supportive, faith-building, Christ-exalting relationships of love.

Our goal is to reach out to people on an individual basis, striving to work with each person and his or her family/caregivers to find the best fit for both growing in faith and for exercising spiritual gifts.

All three of Bethlehem’s campuses are accessible. One-on-one buddies or mentors (and class inclusion) can be provided for children or students in nursery through Grade 12.


Welcoming the Weak

A Letter From Pastor Jason Meyer

We, the weak, welcome you to Bethlehem Baptist Church. The world uses a sliding scale that esteems the strong and scorns the weak, but the church values the weak because the church itself consists of the weak made strong only by grace. We are not a gathering of the self-sufficient. We dont have it all together. We give you permission to not have it all together. We are the insufficient who love to proclaim that we have found Him who is all-sufficient. The church of Jesus Christ testifies to the counter-cultural truth that God loves those who desperately need him because God delights in being desperately needed. Therefore, in our desperate need, we exult in the truth that he is rich in mercy to meet our needs (Ephesians 2:4).

He is rich in mercy to give us children. They are knit together in the womb by God, and they are all a gift from God (Psalm 127:3). They are gifts no matter how they come. They are a gift when they come with all their fingers and toes or when they come with infantile seizures, cerebral palsy, or chromosomal irregularities.

Our Disability Ministry testifies to this truth in powerful and practical ways. God designs disability. Disability is designed to produce within us a desperate kind of dependence. It becomes both visible and visceral. Those with the disability desperately need God’s help. Parents of a disabled child live the disability with the child and desperately need God’s help. The church that lives the disability with its members needs God’s help. Dependence is multiplied, but God is rich in mercy so there is no shortage or shortfall. In this way, we all testify to the treasure of grace. Gospel grace is the best grace because life with a disability and with Jesus is infinitely better than a healthy body without him. Help us celebrate this truth together.

—Jason Meyer, Pastor for Preaching & Vision

Ways to Connect & Find Support

Respite Nights
These evening events provide rest for parents who care for children with disabilities or special needs. Families bring all of their children to the church for activities, gym time, and snacks. Parents can enjoy a date night or time away.

Prayer Ministry
Families are invited to submit their prayer requests which are emailed to our prayer team.

Resources at Bethlehem Libraries
Many resources related to disability are available in the disability section of the libraries at Bethlehem’s Downtown and North campuses.

Small Groups
For assistance connecting to a group at your campus, contact your campus leader for Small Groups:

Downtown Campus  Pastor Jared Wass (612-338-7653 x440) 

North Campus  Pastor Sam Crabtree (612-455-0800 x826)

South Campus  Pastor Daniel Viezbicke (612-746-2650 x673)

Individual Guidance 
Contact the coordinator at your campus to discuss questions or needs concerning your connection at Bethlehem.

Opportunities to Serve

Buddy/Mentor in Nursery or Sunday School
Accompany a child in the nursery or in a Sunday School class (Preschool–Grade 12) and help the child participate, caring for his/her practical and spiritual needs. Aides serve to encourage a child’s gifts and help the child be a part of the body of Christ.* 

 Downtown His Strength or North Campus His Works Team Member
Join a classroom team that serves a group of children or young adults in a classroom setting.

Small Groups 
Join a small group that helps provide encouragement and support for a family affected by disability.

Personal Ministry 
Take opportunities to reach out with practical help and prayer support for those you know.

Volunteer in Various Roles 
Help with events, correspondence, and other ministry activities. 

*Training and support are provided for aide positions.



Downtown Campus  Sara Scholtens (612-338-7653 x738)
Coordinator for Disability Ministry, Downtown

North Campus  Lexi Hennen (612-455-0800 x824)
Coordinator for Disability Ministry, North

South Campus  Joshua Oakley (612-746-2650 x675)
Director for Children & Disability Ministries, South


We’re delighted to share testimonies of God at work in the midst of those in our church family who experience disability.